Climate Adaptation & Resilience (CARe2018) Hong Kong Conference
HKUST Campus (27-28 Oct 2018), HKUST Business School Central (29 Oct 2018)

The Climate Adaptation and Resilience (CARe2018) Hong Kong Conference was designed to brought together a wide range of experts and stakeholders from across the globe, across industry and business sectors, as well as from local and regional authorities to learn and examine what it would take to make cities and regions much more climate resilient. There will need to be new multidiscipline policies and public and private investments to defend against extreme weather events. The conference showcased policies and practices that promote infrastructure investments that would bring about greater resilience that strengthens cities and regions; as well as good practices for public sector officers and communities to learn and reorganise to face climate change challenges.

CARe2018 addressed the following 4 themes:

1. Climate “Extremes”
2. Excess Water Challenges
3. Ocean-related Challenges
4. Tertiary Climate Impacts & Public Policy


Institute for the Environment
Division of Environment and Sustainability
The HKUST Energy Institute
GREAT Smart Cities Center
Institute for Public Policy

For event details, please refer to CARe2018 Official Website.

HKUST Campus (27-28 Oct 2018), HKUST Business School Central (29 Oct 2018)
"Co-organized by HKUST Institute for the Environment, Division of Environment and Sustainability, The HKUST Energy Institute, GREAT Smart Cities Center and Institute for Public Policy
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